Upended and one-upped

Previous political cycles have had their fair amount of hypocrisy and nonsense as well. Far too many Republicans had spoken against big government, while fighting to increase our military and place security over liberty. Far too many Democrats tried to separate personal and economic liberties like they weren’t intertwined, and advocated policies which hurt the poor in the name of helping them. Third parties were often more ideologically consistent, but also too extreme to be taken seriously. But these rules of thumb have not only been upended, but one-upped.

Our President, who rose to power in part through a backlash against political correctness and the type of PC culture advocated by “snowflakes”, has the thinnest skin imaginable and is easily triggered by the slightest criticism. He goes out of his way to address and attack anyone and anything that might dare criticize any portion of him or his policies, and can’t seem to help himself or let anything go.

The most fascist-acting mob that’s existed in my country in my lifetime literally label themselves antifa, or anti-fascist. They use violence, intimidation, and book burning to protest fascism, like a vegan eating meat while wearing fur in order to tell others that meat eating is wrong. On top of this, many in that group label themselves anarcho-communists… literally combining anarchy and communism as a political philosophy. It’s like they don’t know the meaning of words.

Many libertarians have been publicly advocating using the force of government to mandate individual choices in order to promote equality over liberty. This isn’t just limited to cakes, florists, or photographers, either.

“Conservatives” have rallied behind figures who aren’t conservative fiscally OR socially, simply because they buck tradition and are provocative enough to be hated by the left. This includes figures who publicly reject the label conservative and have policies on some issues that are significantly farther left than their opposition.

The self-described party of science have a growing amount of members opposed to GMOs, vaccines, nuclear power, and basic biological truths… not to mention the more extremist members who think the earth is flat or that wi-fi might cause cancer.

The party who hates business, the 1%, and war nominated the warmongering wall street candidate, and their members largely fell in line because the other major candidate used insensitive language.

Many in the party of Lincoln, the party which opposed the KKK and the eugenics of Margaret Sanger have embraced the alt-right, which is essentially a collection of white nationalists, nativists, and isolationists.

On the other hand, this should be a great era for comedy.

–Gary Doan

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