The Orwellian speech of the alt-left, conflating words with actions and Milo with Hitler

My thoughts on Milo, his ideas, or his website are irrelevant to my thoughts about Berkeley. If rioters had used violence to shut down a speech by Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Jill Stein, BIll Weld, McCain or Graham, a literal racist, nazi, or fascist… my reaction would have been the same.

The way to combat speech disseminating bad ideas is with speech disseminating good ideas. If the promotion of your ideas requires violence or intimidation, if they require silencing dissent by force, the ideas aren’t all that great to begin with. If you can’t handle words promoting ideas you disagree with, then college is not the space for you in the first place.

Milo is not a libertarian, but his use of the term doesn’t offend me.  Regardless of his ideology, there was only one side of this confrontation which violated the non-aggression principle, rather than merely saying provocative and offensive words.  So which ideology did violate the non-aggression principle at the Milo event, and why has it become so common lately for that group to engage in acts of violence, entirely unprovoked by violence on the other side that could make it self defense?

SJWs are essentially the alt-left. The alt-left is like the alt-right, only more violent and less tolerant. They’re also more likely to act like fascists (while ironically holding anti-fascism signs). “Diversity” cannot be claimed as a value when you riot in order to prevent speech you disagree with, assault people merely for wearing the wrong hat, burn down property not even owned by your opposition, or say things like “he’s not allowed to be gay” because he happens to hold different beliefs than you.

Yes, I’m aware not all SJWs/alt-left engage in riots or assault, even if nearly all oppose free speech. But it seems like there’s definitely a higher percentage who do than the percentages you see in the alt-right, and I do believe that has to do with the belief structure held by the group. The alt-right may be a deplorable fad with bad ideas, but the alt-left is a cult.

If I had to guess on some contributing factors?  For one, the alt-left uses phrases like “violent rhetoric” and “microaggressions”, and believes that words can be just as dangerous, deplorable, and prosecutable as actions.  The lack of ability to separate the two into two distinct categories may seem strange to many of us who grew up with the common sense phrase “sticks and stones”, which is literally and roundly rejected by SJW culture.  Yes, emotions can be hurt by words alone, but only if you let them… and there is such a major, self-evident difference between mean words and beating someone with sticks or stones that it shouldn’t be necessary to explain to college kids.  This fear of other ideas leaves the definition of terms like “hate speech” to be, essentially, any words they don’t like, and “nazi” to be, essentially, any person that challenges them.  This isn’t even limited to expressions of ideas, but language itself must be changed and adhered to within the group at all times.  From mandated and entirely new pronouns to an ideology that rejects the very definition of words in the dictionary in order to replace definitions with ones they’d prefer… from adding a requirement of power to the meaning of racism, to expanding the definition of privilege beyond all recognition yet applying it selectively based on nothing other than race and sex (or is it gender, now?).  Under the prevailing SJW culture order, social prosecutions are necessary for “aggressions” that are not only no more than words, but so small that even they must admit they are “micro”.  It is within this system of self-imposed victim-hood that anger grew at the mere presence of an internet troll, and the answer to why that anger rose to the level of literal, physical violence rather than at very least angry chants or internet screeds fighting speech with speech?  Well, I absolutely view this as an effect of this very culture I’ve described, from being unable to handle words or opposing viewpoints, to having long ago replaced free speech with speech codes, to believing their opposition, ironically, to be the fascists, while few within even bother to condemn either violence or calls for a literal coup while the many justify it or ask us to try to understand how these violent actors must… feel… while showing zero sympathy towards the actual victims of real assault.

I think you can tell when I get worked up by how long my paragraphs get.  😉

I’d wonder how long it’ll be until SJWs realize that protests and controversy are not just things Milo craves, but the entire point, his primary motivation and goal, his bread and butter.

–Gary Doan

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